Ten Women and Ten Objects

Jihyun Park


Seulki Yoo is a gallery ambassador at Whitechapel Gallery Pho- tography. She graduated from Contemporary Art History & Curating at RCA.

If you could describe yourself as an everyday object, what would it be? And why?

A Rhizomatic branch.
I like to take pictures of branches that look compli- cated. Of course, I feel raw from that, right? When I look at a large unbranched tree from a distance,
it looks straight and peaceful. However, if I look at the twigs one by one along the stem and move my eyes, it’s so complicated that I don’t know how far my eyes are. I think it’s me. The people around me, especially my close friends, look at me and always seem stubborn about what I think. But it’s not in my mind at all. Like the intricate twigs of trees that have never been pruned, I have a lot of other thoughts/ concerns/worries.