Ten Women and Ten Objects

Dahyung Hwang


Dahyun Hwang, a twenty-nine years old Korean female designer based in Germany.

If you could describe yourself as an everyday object, what would it be? And why?

I find this question fresh; I’ve never heard it before. I’ve never thought about it, but I could describe myself as a home.
Many people say I seem emotionally stable, and
I lived 25 years thinking I am a stable person. But after, moving to Germany made me question myself. Am I really sturdy? I do feel anxious some- times. Especially when the pandemic happened, I became depressed and had mood swings. Then when I visited Korea, I felt homely. I felt loved. I felt I did belong somewhere. And this feeling made me feel confident and able to sustain life in a foreign country. I thought I wanted to be the kind of person who likes a sweet home. The home needs renovations or an extension but is welcoming. Rather than in- validate me like that, I want to be someone who is stable and always there but still continues and make progress.